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The Save Our Seas magazine is a visual celebration of marine research and conservation work conducted around the world. Powerful and unique imagery highlight the incredible diversity and beauty of nature, and the impact that we, humans, have on the Oceans. While working at the Save Our Seas Foundation, I thrived to produce both a reference magazine for marine conservation bonding compelling visuals and revealing content, and a driver for optimism, showcasing the ripple effect that one organisation can have in the world of ocean conservation.

I invite you to discover and read the 10 first issues of the magazine:



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10 | Sea of Sound | Ocean of Intelligence | Lost Sharks

We explore the complex world of sound in the marine ecosystem and the ever-growing impact our human activities have on its sensitive balance. We examine the cultural interpretations of sawfish around the world, contest that consciousness and intelligence aren’t limited to human beings, search for undiscovered shark species and showcase the rays the world forgot.

09 | Angel Sharks | Deep Sea | Sawfish

Knowledge comes from research, and in this issue our contributors investigate some lesser known but Critically Endangered species – angel sharks in the Canary Islands and sawfishes in Senegal and Papua New Guinea – discuss the very nature of marine science, delve into the ocean depths around the Galápagos and explore how recent advances in elasmobranch genomics could one day benefit medical research – and thus humankind.

08 | Galápagos | Sawfish | Orca | Pirates

This issue takes you on a voyage to the furthest confines of the mystifying Galápagos Islands to Wolf and Darwin Isles, explores one of the last remaining refuges for sawfish in the mesmerising and wild Andros Island, and has a look at what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted in South Africa. It also features two articles that explore the not-so-distant past looking back upon the pioneering days of shark research and an awakening story…

07 | Sawfish | Devils | Hammers | Fishers | Rapa Nui

This issue highlights the importance of collaboration and of alternative approaches to conservation, showcases personal stories from the last frontier of the world, dives with devil rays and traces the migrations of great hammerhead sharks and the current whereabouts of mythical sawfishes in Africa. It also explores the potential for learning from local fishers and encouraging them to take over stewardship of species they used to target.

06 | Miami | Bimini | By-Catch | CITES

This issue includes articles featuring the assignments of the two Marine Conservation Photography Grant winners on the impact of human developments on fragile ecosystems in Florida, USA and in Bimini, Bahamas, a celebration of the recent listings on CITES, an in-depth exploration of the perils of by-catch for vulnerable shark populations, and the incredible discovery of the extraordinarily long lived Greenland Sharks in the Arctic waters…

05 | Marine Protected Areas | Ocean Conservation

This issue includes a comprehensive look at Marine Protected Areas, new insights into the elusive African Manatee with exclusive photography by Thomas Peschak, a journey back in time to when Sawfish were plentiful, Devil Rays in one of the least likely, and unfortunately also least accessible places, and much more…

04 | Great Bear Rainforest | Orcas | Whales

Western Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest is a 400-kilometre stretch of wilderness where icy seas meet temperate rainforest to create an abundant ecosystem for wildlife on land and in the ocean. It is home to First Nations, the stewards of the environment they share with whales, wolves and bear. Ian McAllister, Janie Wray and Thomas Peschak showcase three aspects of the Great Bear Sea and Rainforest.

03 | False Bay | Sharks | Reef Fish

In False Bay you will find one of the world’s biggest aggregations of white sharks and the bustling metropolis of Cape Town, which neighbours their ocean habitat. In the bay’s rocky reefs and kelp forests are colourful fish with feisty characters that are struggling to survive. Read about these sharks and fish, and their stories, as well as others on being a good scientist and an optimist, free-diving and a researcher who’s toiling to save Sudan’s sharks.

02 | Arabia’s Seas | Sharks | Turtles

This issue explores the mysterious and diverse realms of the Arabian Seas and looks at the intricate Shark fisheries and trade along the Arabian Peninsula. It features articles on the turtle exclusion devices in Malaysia, a celebration of a decade of Shark Spotting in South Africa, explores the world of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, and many other exciting articles.

01 | Sharks & People | Manta Rays | Seychelles

This inaugural issue delves into the world of the graceful and inquisitive Manta Rays, explores the island of giants in False Bay, describes the new technologies that shed light on our understanding of Sharks, and an exploration of the Aldabra of the Amirantes in the Seychelles. It features articles on the relationship between Sharks and People, from Shark ‘attacks’ to Shark fin soup.

    • Shark News | Issue 03 | October 2021 - Michael Scholl
      Oct 8, 2021 at 12:55 AM /

      […] I take this opportunity to thank my dad – Peter Scholl – for designing this new issue, and generously donating his time, expertise and passion for this project! It is also a great pleasure – for both of us – to work together again on this magazine series, following our collaboration between 2014 and 2019 in the publication of the Save Our Seas magazine. […]