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The King of the Fishes | Le Roi des Poissons | O Rei dos Peixes | Ny Mpanjakan’ny Trondro

I invite you to read this educational children book on one of the most mysterious and certainly most endangered groups of rays in the world.

This book is available in English, French, Portuguese and Malagasy

Written by Ruth H. Leeney with illustrations by Jen Richards

The King of the Fishes

An educational book on sawfishes and ecosystem balance, designed with rural fishing communities in Mozambique and Madagascar in mind.

Le Roi des Poissons

Un livre éducatif sur les poissons-scies et l’équilibre des écosystèmes, conçu en pensant aux communautés rurales de pêcheurs du Mozambique et de Madagascar.

O Rei dos Peixes

Um livro educacional sobre peixes-serra e equilíbrio do ecossistema, desenvolvido com as comunidades de pescadores rurais em Moçambique e Madagascar em mente.

Ny Mpanjakan’ny Trondro

Boky fanabeazana momba ny tsiran’afo sy ny fizotran’ny tontolo iainana, novolavolain’ireo vondron’olona jono eto ambanivohitr’i Mozambika sy i Madagasikara.

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