Save Our Seas #09


Save Our Seas #09

Save Our Seas magazine

Issue 09 | Winter 2018

Angel Sharks | Deep Sea | Sawfish

Knowledge comes from research, and in this issue our contributors investigate some lesser known but Critically Endangered species – angel sharks in the Canary Islands and sawfishes in Senegal and Papua New Guinea – discuss the very nature of marine science, delve into the ocean depths around the Galápagos and explore how recent advances in elasmobranch genomics could one day benefit medical research – and thus humankind.

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    Dec . 01 . 2018

  • The Save Our Seas magazine is a visual celebration of the projects the Save Our Seas Foundation is supporting around the world. Powerful and unique imagery highlight the incredible diversity and beauty of nature, and the impact that we, humans, have on the Oceans. We thrive to produce both a reference magazine for marine conservation bonding compelling visuals and revealing content, and a driver for optimism, showcasing the ripple effect that one organisation can have in the world of ocean conservation.
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