Save Our Seas #10


Save Our Seas #10

Save Our Seas magazine

Issue 10 | Summer 2019

Sea of Sound | Ocean of Intelligence | Lost Sharks

In this issue, we explore the complex world of sound in the marine ecosystem and the ever-growing impact our human activities have on its sensitive balance. We examine the cultural interpretations of sawfish around the world, contest that consciousness and intelligence aren’t limited to human beings, search for undiscovered shark species and showcase the rays the world forgot.

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    Jun . 01 . 2019

  • The Save Our Seas magazine is a visual celebration of the projects the Save Our Seas Foundation is supporting around the world. Powerful and unique imagery highlight the incredible diversity and beauty of nature, and the impact that we, humans, have on the Oceans. We thrive to produce both a reference magazine for marine conservation bonding compelling visuals and revealing content, and a driver for optimism, showcasing the ripple effect that one organisation can have in the world of ocean conservation.
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