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Bimini Biological Field Station (BBFS)

Assisted in the long-term research programme into the life history and home range of lemon sharks (Negaprion brevirostris), led by world-renowned shark specialist and research pioneer Dr Samuel H. Gruber.

  • Followed sub-adult lemon sharks using ultrasonic telemetry
  • Experienced working in a team and organising continuous tracking sequences
  • Assisted with the start of a new research project using ultrasonic speed transmitters
  • Gained experience in long-lining technique, shark handling, and tagging with ultrasonic, streamer and PIT tags
  • Observed shark behaviour 
  • Based at the RSMAS (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science) field station located on the remote Bahamian island of Bimini
  • Full-time and temporary position

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