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Mike Horn Expedition Centre | Mike Horn Sàrl

Mike Horn is acknowledged as the world’s greatest modern-day explorer. He wanted to pass on his knowledge to future generations, resulting in the Pangaea Expedition, a four-year (2008–2012) expedition following the circumnavigation of the 115ft sailing boat of the same name. Horn was calling for respect for our earth and active conservation of the environment. On his globe-spanning sailing expedition, he and his team initiated environmental and social projects both at sea and on land. We focused on environmental issues such as the melting of the ice caps at the poles, water pollution, creating awareness about the planet and developing solutions to preserve it for future generations. Over 100 Young Explorers between 15 and 20 years old from countries worldwide accompanied Mike on different stages of the Pangaea expedition. With the motto ‘Explore, Learn and Act’, these Young Explorers experienced the world’s beauty and actively contributed to conservation.

  • Coordinated the Pangaea Young Explorers Program
  • Responsible for all correspondence with Young Explorers
  • Assisted the Young Explorers to setup projects in their local communities and worldwide
  • Established, coordinated and promoted Pangaea Projects (ecology and conservation, water and sanitation, social community involvement)
  • Responsible for the selection of Young Explorers for the 10-day selection camps and expeditions
  • Arranged travel plans, reference and invitation letters for visas and schools, etc
  • Responsible for video media and portfolio management, storage and distribution
  • Secondary photographer and videographer for the project

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