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Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF)

Founded in 2003, the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) is a philanthropic organisation that aims to protect the world’s oceans. Its support for research, conservation and education projects worldwide focuses on endangered sharks, rays and skates. The Foundation offers a series of grants supporting the conservation of endangered species and their habitats. These grants nurture early-career professionals and encourage local initiatives carried out by local people. The Foundation works closely with project leaders to provide guidance and help projects gain international visibility through regular communication on the website, social media channels, public conferences and workshops.

In the effort to protect our oceans, the Save Our Seas Foundation funds and supports research, conservation and education projects worldwide, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife and their habitats.

I took overall responsibility for the planning, implementation, administration and management of all Foundation programmes, services and systems:


  • Established the administrative headquarters of this philanthropic organisation in Switzerland
  • Built and led a team of 15–20 people spread internationally
  • Established a core Scientific Advisory Panel for the review of applications
  • Expanded a network of national NPOs in nodal regions: South Africa and Seychelles
  • Led and developed three centres managed by the foundation: SOSF Shark Education Centre (South Africa), SOSF D’Arros Research Centre (Seychelles) and SOSF Island School Seychelles
  • Managed a US$3.5-million annual budget
  • Reported directly to the Board of Directors


  • Streamlined the grant-making structure and review process
  • Established the Foundation as the world leader in shark and ray scientific and conservation circles
  • Initiated and implemented key conservation strategies for Mobulidae from 2013 to 2017, and Sawfishes, Wedgefishes and Guitarfishes from 2017 to 2021
  • Focused on developing the early-career support system


  • Developed and implemented the science translation communication strategy
  • Matured a high-end communication strategy through books, magazines, reports, dedicated websites and social networks
  • Created the Save Our Seas magazine and acted as the editor-in-chief and publisher for 10 issues in print, digital and web editions
  • Managed and published the Annual Reports in print and digital editions from 2013 to 2018
  • Lead the publication of several books and reports


  • Rebranded the Foundation’s visual identity and designed its philosophical identity in 2013
  • Led the creation of new websites for the main website (www.SaveOurSeas.com), the linked centres’ websites and the Save Our Seas magazine website (www.SaveOurSeasMagazine.com)
  • Established and developed a social network presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Developed an educational immersive experience using 360 VR technology


  • Travelled internationally for 6–7 months per year
  • Visited project leaders worldwide
  • Provided personalised strategic and scientific support to projects
  • Provided documentary media support to projects: underwater, surface and aerial (drone) photography and filmmaking
  • Attended regional, national and international conferences (AES, EEA, SASRS, Sharks International, etc.)

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