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Angela Francess Warrior

I first met Michael in 2014 at the Bimini Biological Field Station (aka Sharklab), where I was based as an intern for 10 months. I immediately liked Michael, he was so friendly and charismatic and he had a certain gift of putting you at ease. He was truly interested in getting to know every single person at the lab and went out of his way to give advice to us all. In 2017 Michael hired me for a position at the Shark Education Centre, Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Michael was a great boss, super approachable, always helpful, kind and very supportive. Since 2017 I have not worked for Michael, but we have stayed great friends, he is a huge amount fun to be around. Michael is always happy to give me advice whenever I need it, he understand that the conservation world can be very difficult to orientate, and I would not be in the position I am today without the the constant help and guidance from Michael. Not only is Michael an amazing scientist, but he has something very special, a huge personality and the passion to share his knowledge and help others accomplish their dreams.

Angela Francess Warrior | Founder of We Love the Sea Marine Biology School For Kids

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