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Dr Andrew Chin

Michael Scholl is a passionate, capable, experienced, and diligent conservation professional and leader. I worked for Michael for several years at the Save Our Seas Foundation and found him to be an excellent manager and CEO. I think Michael has strong leadership qualities. He set clear expectations, followed through on his commitments, was a very clear communicator, and he was fair. He was very good at managing people and I believe is highly intuitive with exceptionally high emotional intelligence. I also feel that he had a high level of personal integrity, and I trusted him and his leadership. He also fosters genuine engagement and participation from team members, and it was a pleasure working with him.

Apart from management skills, he is also a skilled and creative communicator, an excellent photographer, and is well versed in digital technology. He is also experienced in travel to remote locations and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of conservation and practitioner networks. I believe that Michael is a natural communicator and leader who easily understands people and builds rapport with them. However, he also sets clear boundaries and is decisive and firm when required which made him a strong leader. I appreciated his directness and honesty, which I feel was always mindfully tempered according to the situation.

Michael is one of the best leaders and managers I have encountered in my career. He is visionary, passionate, committed, capable, and has personal and professional integrity. Michael has had a profound effect on my career trajectory and has greatly enhanced my international exposure to conservation and research.

I believe that Michael would excel in roles that allowed him to develop and execute a plan to achieve a clear vision, and to exercise his passion and creativity, and interpersonal skills. He would be well suited to situations that present challenges and complex problems that required an innovative, creative, and inclusive approach. Lastly, I believe Michael to be values-driven and thus, he would be passionately and energetically committed to work areas that aligned with his values.

I thoroughly endorse Michael Scholl for conservation program delivery and leadership roles and would look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

Dr Andrew Chin | SOSF Scientific Advisory Board

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