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Dr Dean Grubbs

The influence that Michael has had on the SOSF’s reach and reputation cannot be overstated. He has an unmatched passion for marine conservation and a deep understanding of the research necessary to support it. Under Michael’s leadership, the Foundation has developed into a highly respected organisation dedicated to the conservation of the marine environment around the world. With increased emphasis on the funding of early career researchers and projects based in poorly studied regions, the SOSF has a truly global reach and is now recognised as one of the world’s most influential supporters of shark research and conservation. In addition, the creation of the beautifully designed Save Our Seas magazine under Michael’s guidance has brought marine conservation issues to the public in stark and wonderful focus. This publication serves as an important platform for scientists and conservationists to bring their messages to society. Again, Michael’s overwhelmingly positive influence and effective guidance of the SOSF cannot be overstated.

Dr Dean Grubbs | Research Director at the Coastal and Marine Laboratory at Florida State University (FSU) | SOSF Scientific Advisory Board

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