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Dr Lauren De Vos

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael in the field of science communication, as a science writer and editor, for the Save our Seas Foundation. It’s long been my belief that where a common goal is grounded in a passion for the ocean and its conservation, a working environment of trust, transparency and integrity can be established. I’ve learned over time that this is a rare, and indeed ideal, situation – but my time consulting to Michael in his capacity as CEO of the SOSF has affirmed my original convictions, and proved that sometimes, this combination of factors really can come to fruition. That has been a heartening experience that has kept me inspired and invigorated in a field where the steady stream of “bad news” can get even the most enthusiastic of us down. Michael is professional and takes note of my recommendations with an open mind and willingness to work towards scientifically-sound, engaging stories. He has trusted me to work independently and to maintain scientific integrity in the field of popularising conservation messages. He supported my transition from full-time research scientist to a science communicator, and he has been friendly and personable to work with and report to throughout. I look forward to future collaborations in the field of conservation!

Dr Lauren De Vos | Scientific Content Researcher, Writer & Editor at the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF)

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