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Dr Nadia Bruyndonckx

The Foundation wouldn’t be such a well-established and world-renowned organisation without Michael’s leadership, hard work and dedication. His passion for shark conservation and his own ethical compass, which is integral to how he enacts that, have been a daily motivation that has pushed me to do my best. Working alongside Michael, brainstorming and sharing ideas, has been an extraordinary learning process and I’ll be forever thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive into the shark conservation world with him. He always trusted me and I am grateful for his support and understanding, for his friendly and open-minded leadership and for always keeping his staff’s best interests at heart. This has been an exciting adventure, with amazing memories that I’ll keep forever in mind. I hope that our paths will cross again!’

Dr Nadia Bruyndonckx | SOSF Executive Assistant | SOSF Scientific Advisory Board

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