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Mary Buckheit

Careful and vigilant in his attention to detail, deadlines, and solution-oriented operation, Michael is also fun-loving and futuristic which makes him a real joy to work with. He is always energized in his approach to keep up with latest technology trends and fresh waves of thinking. He is acutely focussed on tasks at hand and his ability to navigate obstacles and delays in order to arrive at a desired outcome effectively is an asset anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Michael surely admires gratefully relies on. His dedication to “getting the job done” is unwavering, and what’s perhaps even more remarkable is his ability to take on and finish each and every project with foresight, timeliness, and an unhurried punctuality. All of these qualities embody a consummate professional, but a fact of enormous significance that cannot and should not go unmentioned is that Michael Scholl is also an upstanding, kind, inclusive, and considerate man. He is truly a joy to work alongside and a gift to any team he is a part of. I am so happy to have had the chance to work with Michael in Switzerland and am delighted to call him a friend.

Mary Buckheit | Director of Communications and Public Relations at Mike Horn Expeditions

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