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Sarah Waries

Michael has been such a great supporter of Shark Spotters over the years and has really taken the time to get to know our project, not just from the perspective of the Foundation as a funder, but as a real partner with a vested interest in the success of the programme. He has been a great source of guidance during times of uncertainty and change at Shark Spotters, and has been instrumental as an individual, as well as a representative of the Foundation, in helping Shark Spotters become the world leader in sustainable shark bite mitigation it is today. More than just being a CEO, Michael has a deep-seated passion for and understanding of shark conservation, and that is clearly seen through his work and the direction in which he has led the Foundation over the past seven years. When visiting False Bay, he would always make an effort to stop at the spotters on the mountain and the beach to see how they were doing and just “chat shark”. He will be sorely missed by the Shark Spotters team and we wish him luck on his next adventure!

Sarah Waries | Shark Spotters CEO

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