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Tom Flengeris

First and foremost, Michael is a true professional. He always conducted himself with class and dignity, and was a true mentor to all the assistants working with him on his reseacrh vessel, Lamnidae. No matter what he had to deal with on a day to day basis, Michael responded to all challenges in a timely and efficient manner.

In my experience, Michael displayed an uncandy ability to adjust to ever-changing working conditions and never cut corners with regards to detail and accuracy in the work he conducted. In addition, he always illustrated great leadership skills and he emphatically emphasized teamwork, every day we went out to sea to conduct research on Great White Sharks. Lastly, Michael exhibited great communication and interpersonal skills which were vital in maintaining a comfortable and inviting work environment.

I would definitely recommend Michael for any position that requires a variety of leadership, social, and academic skills.

Tom Flengeris | Educator at Toronto District School Board

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